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Headhunter Cait and Soul Stealer Vlad *3*/// In love with their skin designs! Haven’t drawn something like this in a long time ^^

our little place.
2.5 hr + sai

this is the old wip now.. haha/// they revamped HH Cait’s helmet design and added more armour (yey!) so i have to redraw it anyway ~ xD

This was completed November last year in contribution to Operation Requiem’s SnK charity art book! My theme was ‘Victory’~!

Requiem is a Shingeki no Kyojin fan charity artbook where all proceeds are donated to Charity: Water, a group dedicated to providing clean and safe drinking water to every person on the planet.

You can order your copy here 

a couple of icon commissions for LoL streamers! 
Fragola Riggered

Facet. Something quick..

Haven’t found time to draw something for myself in a while! Really excited for Headhunter Cait+Soul Stealer Vlad hohohoho ;3;

the reason im so mad is because he could have avoided it T__T OH SWEET DORNISH PRINCE WHY
yeah the sunglasses are probably necessary now
Exam week orz// Working on commissions during study break!!