and Headhunter Caitlyn are super amazing together >V< Finally finished~~

a couple of request/commissions completed yesterday~~

最愛 ; Dearly beloved
practicing new painting techniques~^^

1.5 hr
open mind, open heart

hurt , 1hr
just trying to paint my emotions in this mood, cant really explain it; i don’t usually feel like this ;;

just a really quick kaneki icon

~50 min speedpaint of le new bird man! Haven’t had much time to draw recently ; 7 ;

project: yasu and hh cait WIP! mixed in with raiden’s mask and some personal touches! // im so excited for these two skins and they have a very special meaning to me too! >V<

Chibi commission batch!! Ezreal was a collab with bby~ (she drew the lines!!)

1K FOLLOWERS! Thank you so much for all the support wow!! ; v ; eeeee~!